My First Newsletter!

Hello Friends, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your email address so I can periodically send you an email and let you know what I'm up to. Wow! 2015 was amazing and filled with so much excitement! Some Highlights of 2015 were meeting and becoming friends with Duane and Joe of The Oak Ridge Boys and being at The Opry in Nashville the night they announced they were going into The Country Music Hall Of Fame. Very special night because they called my father and I onto the stage and introduced us to a sold out crowd. So amazing, so Fun!! Also in 2015, my friend Randy Travis let us stay at his place in Nashville when I recorded my debut EP album, "Getting Ready To Fly" at Beaird Music Group in Nashville. While there I made some new friends you will know; John Connelly, Connie Smith, Jamey Johnson, and several others. Officially, my new album was released on Sept. 6th, 2015, on my older sister Kathryn's 20th birthday. "Getting Ready To Fly" has a collection of cover songs which describe me and my new journey into country music. It has been received very well both in the U.S. and abroad. The Iceman's syndicated radio show has played it on his show. Over 250 radio stations in the U.S. and Europe had it on their playlists this Summer and Fall. On The European and International Independent Country Music Artists chart, I was honored to have reached a total of 12 weeks at #1. That was a huge accomplishment as that actually tied the record for number of weeks at #1, which had not been done in a long time. With so many very talented up and coming artists it may be a long time before anyone ties or breaks that record. At the end of 2015, I was honored to learn that I charted #105 with Travelin' Soldier on The Iceman's Top 215 New Country Artist Songs of 2015 out of over 4,000 songs! His show is globally syndicated and heard in 142 countries! Honored to be in the #Top 215 of 2015!! On Reverbnation's charts for Independent Artists since my music hit their charts, it has been #1 Local Tx since Aug. 2015, it reached #5 U.S.A., and #5 Globally for Country Genre. Currently, its still #1 Local Texas and fluctuates in The Top 40 both in U.S. and Global. Also, I had a Country Gospel single, "How Great Thou Art", released for digital download this Fall! The "Getting Ready To Fly" album is available for digital download on iTunes! For those wanting a physical CD or 8x10 photo, you can order those from my website store with the option to have them autographed! In the Dec.2015/Jan.2016 issue of Conversations Magazine, Cyrus Webb, has me Among The Top 25 New Recording Artists You Should Know for 2016. I was included in THIS article for my cover of Country Legend Randy Travis' "I Told You So". On New Years Eve, I went to Audio Dallas recording studio to record "Amazing Grace" for a scene in an Independent Western Movie called C-Bar in which my character will be added to the first episode and carried into episode 2 in 2016. So exciting to be acting and singing in my first "Western" movie! My family loves western movies from John Wayne, Tom Selleck, Robert Duvall, Kirk Douglas, Clint Eastwood and more and my favorite series are Lonesome Dove and The Sacketts. 2016 is going to be a Fun filled year and I'd love for you all to watch and listen for me this year. God Bless, Summer Franklin <3

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