You Will NOT Believe What Happened When I Was In Nashville

Hi y'all, There are sooooo many exciting things to tell you about! As many of you following me on Facebook might know, I was in Nashville during CMA Fest and I couldn't wait to tell you about everything that happened! Yes, I did perform while I was in town and I had a wonderful time. My show took place at Wild Wings Cafe in Franklin. The venue hosts a lot of live music throughout the week and weekend and it was a great experience to perform and meet some new fans! Here is a pic of me on stage during the show...

I also spent some time working on my new CD with popular Nashville producer Dean Miller. Dean is the son of country music legend Roger Miller (he sang King of the Road). Recording with Dean was so cool because he brought in studio musicians who have played for artists like Blake Shelton and had them help out with my CD. The plan right now is to release the CD, which is made up of all original songs, this Fall. And I'll be back in Nashville finishing up work on the CD later this summer. This is everybody in the studio...

One of the most exciting and memorable moments came during the Saturday night performances at Nissan Stadium. Part of the CMA festivities include performances by some of the biggest names in country music and the shows happen in the same stadium where the Tennessee Titans play. Imagine my shock when a picture of me with fellow artists Maggie Baugh and Bernadette Kathryn was shown on the jumbotron at the stadium. Fortunately we were able to get a picture of it...

Another great moment came when I got to see my friend Bobby "The Iceman" Golombowski. He is easily one of the most popular Internet radio personalities out there and is well-known for how much he supports independent music artists. When the Country Music Association begins following you on Twitter, you know you are doing something right. I'm as excited for his success as I am my own and will always be so grateful for what he does for artists...

In the meantime, sales of my EP have been going very well and it means so much to me that y'all have been so supportive. If you haven't picked up a copy yet, you can grab my EP or an autographed 8x10 photograph on my website store! Much love and God bless, Summer

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